The Liberty Walk aggressively styled body kit is the ultimate styling enhancement for the R56 Mini providing an exclusive and totally cool look. Body Kits are available in either Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and the wings and diffusers can be supplied in GRP or carbon fibre depending on budget and preference. Both are identical in form and are supplied ready for paint or vinyl wrapping, although some may prefer to leave the lighter carbon fibre in its naked form.


The quality of the hand-finished mouldings is exceptional and fittings and trims are included, making for a relatively straightforward fit for any accomplished body-shop. Once fitted, the end result is something truly spectacular, and particularly well augmented by a set of AirREX digitally adjustable air suspension to really get the Mini correctly stanced.


There are hundreds of ways to finish your Liberty Walk Mini after the kit has been fitted. Wrapping is the current favourite but paint is just as good. Wraps can be designed and printed on high quality vinyl in both matt and gloss colours or in a huge range of special effects. Contact us for wrapping advice and design ideas.

LIBERTY WALK GRP Carbon fibre Fitting
Front bumper £754 N/A Call us
Front diffuser £490 £820 Call us
Wheel arches £1150 N/A Call us
Side skirts £570 N/A Call us
Rear bumper £590 N/A Call us
Rear diffuser £425 N/A Call us
Boot lid wing £290 £495 Call us
Rear wing £395 £600 Call us


A full Liberty Walk body kit includes Front Bumper, Front Diffuser, Side Skirts, Rear Bumper, Rear Diffuser, Rear Wing, Boot-Mounted Wing, and Wheel Arch Extensions. The body kit design allows for the kit to be fitted without wheel arch extensions if required. Individual parts may also be supplied separately.


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